Shalom Sterling Silver Bracelet

Shalom inscribed in Hebrew characters, meaning 'peace'.

  • Length: 8"
  • Double chain bracelet
  • Toggle closure


Literally meaning peace, shalom has become a universal method of saying hello and goodbye. An elegant and peaceful greeting, the word had been incorporated by other languages and is now understood throughout the world. The beautiful Hebrew script engraved on this bracelet has been taken from an Italian manuscript of the 16th century as are the orchid and foliate motifs that adorn the terminals. A lovely gift for any peace loving soul.

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Sterling silver will retain its luster for years and frequent wearing of your jewelry will help prevent tarnishing. We recommend polishing your sterling silver jewelry with a dry silver polishing cloth available at most grocery or hardware stores. We do not recommend polishing with silver polish as this may remove the antiquing. When you are not wearing your jewelry, storing your silver in a jewelry bag will help prevent tarnishing.